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 Quilting Services Price List

We offer edge to edge quilting using digital patterns.  Edge to edge quilting is continuous quilting designs that go edge to edge and will preserve the original quilt design while adding texture.  This form of quilting pattern is placed on your quilt in rows. 

 Density 1 is the lightest quilting level and is the most economical.  These quilts are usually softer as there is less quilting. 

Density 2 designs are quilted on a smaller scale than Density 1.  These quilts will hold up well with heavy use and multiple washings.

Density 3 designs have a very small scale.  The quilt will look heavily quilted.  The designs are more complex adding a lot of interest to your quilt.  Any Density 1 or Density 2 patterns. 

 The prices listed here are estimates:

Edge to Edge Density 1 - .017 to .02 per sq. inch

Edge to Edge Density 2 - .025 per sq. inch

Edge to Edge Density .03 - .045 per sq. inch

Batting price will vary depending on the type of batting you choose.
We only use our batting.
We carry Hobbs 80/20 natural and bleached. 
Quilter's Dream Silk/Bamboo 
Quilter's Dream Puff (poly puff), Quilter's Dream Ultra Thin Cotton.
Warm and Natural Cotton.

There will be a $5.00 thread charge.

There is a $50.00 minimum quilting charge. 

Optional quilt trimming  $2.
Occasionally, quilts come through that don't lay flat or that have wavy borders, requiring a tuck. We will do our best to hide any tucks to make them appear as seamless as possible.  We do charge $2 per tuck where necessary for your quilt.  And then you can hand stitch the tuck down.

Special order quilt designs – although we have hundreds of quilt designs if you want us to order a specialty design we will do so.  We will share the cost of the design with you 50/50.  Designs typically cost approximately $15.00

All prices assume that you have prepared your quilt according to our Quilt Preparation Guidelines. We don't prepare your backing for you.  Please read how to prepare your backing.


Please refer to our Quilt Preparation Guidelines for “How To” prepare your quilt for quilting. (See below)

We are excited to offer this service.   Thank you for your patronage.

        Quilt/Backing Preparation

        Preparing Your Quilt Top

  1. The quilt top should be pressed and free of excess threads. 
  2. For best results, your top must be square.  Borders must be correctly applied to prevent wavy edges (usually due to borders being too long for the quilt body).  If you need assistance in correctly applying borders, please contact us.
  3. Pin a piece of paper marked "top" to the top edge of your quilt top indicating the direction the quilt will lay when quilted (i.e. the top of wall hanging or bed).
  4. You quilt top must not contain any embellishments such as rickrack, lace, crystals, etc.  These embellishments should be added after the quilting process.  (If the embellishments can be “quilted over” then they can be added. – Ask for further explanation if necessary.)


  1. Please send enough backing! It is absolutely necessary to have 4 inches additional backing fabric ALL the way around your quilt.  So if your quilt measures 60 by 60, you need to send at LEAST 68 by 68 inches of backing fabric.  Also, more is not better.
  2. Please also make sure your back is square and any seams are pressed.  
  3. We will gladly accept 100% cottons, batiks and Cuddle not Minky  backings for your quilt.  No sheets, old blankets or fleece.  Please pay attention to the quality of your backing fabric as it does make a difference in the quilting.
  4. Pin a piece of paper marked "top" to the top edge of the backing indicating the direction the quilt will lay when quilted (i.e. the top of wall hanging or bed)


  1. We use Hobbs Heirloom (80/20) Natural or Bleached, Wool, or Warm and Natural for most quilts.  We also have Quilter's Dream Ultra Thin Cotton, and High Loft poly.
    These battings perform well and will give your quilt a nice drape.