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9th Annual Holiday Block Swap

We are so excited to again host an annual block swap.  As always good food, fun creating with friends will gathered together to kick off the holiday season.  

We will debut the block along with the pattern Friday June 30, 2pm in the shop.  At that time you will be able to register for the event  The SWAP will take place Friday Dec. 1, 5pm-7pm

Before you sign up, please make sure that you are able to make the commitment. If you find that you cannot keep the commitment and notify the shop by August 15th, your deposit will be refunded.  That way someone on the wait list will be able to join in the fun.

The purpose of such a swap is for all participants to leave with one of their blocks and 19 that have been traded.  We certainly understand that emergencies happen, however – we all have 6 months to get the blocks completed.  Please don’t procrastinate.   We also have had people like their own blocks so much that they decide not to trade.  Again – we should all feel that way about our blocks but, when someone decides to do this, it impacts the event.  Thank you for your understanding.  You must have your blocks ready to trade to attend the event. 

Please put your blocks in a disposable Ziploc bag with your name on it using a Sharpie.  Blocks must be turned in by Saturday, November 24th.  You can certainly drop them off early. 

 Please follow the directions and use only quilt shop quality fabric.  Please make blocks with “fun” fabric as illustrated in the photo above. Try to stay away from “traditional” fabric.   Please use colors similar to those in the photo.  No purple please.  Photo will be posted June 30.

9th Annual Holiday Block Swap

$ 20.00